Frequently Asked Questions

    1. When does the competition start?
      All first round matches begin on May 1st 2020
    2. Can I enter with a partner from a different Club/County ?        Yes you can, nominate one club as your home club and enter the county competition in which that club is located.
    3. Am I allowed to enter both the MatchPlay single and the MatchPlay Pairs events?
      Yes, players can enter both events but can only compete in one MatchPlay Final
    4. How is the draw done?
      The draw is done by the administration of the event, after which we inform both competitors of the results. Every round is played at your home club unless you are drawn away where on you will play at the opponents home club. The format is singles or four ball matchplay .
    5. What tee markers do we use ? Most clubs have 3 options , some with 2 . In the case where there are 3 markers you play off the middle tee box and on a course with only 2 , you play from the back tees. Ladies play from the ladies tee box , and play the same index as on the mens card.
    6. What if I make both finals?
      In the event of a player making both the singles and pairs final, you can play in only one .
    7. Playing away?
      Many clubs offer courtesy of the course to member guests for competition purposes. If the home venue does not offer courtesy for the away players a guest green fee will be payable for each of the away players, we suggest the cost will be shared between the home and away players.
    8. Is there an age limit?
      You must be a minimum of 18 years old on May 1st 2020
    9. I am based outside of Ireland can I enter?
      Yes, players from across the globe are welcome. We will do our best to pair you up with players in your region. As we develop through the stages, players outside of Ireland will not be given a home advantage. You will have to travel (at your own expense) to Ireland.
    10. Where and when is the Irish Open MatchPlay Final?
      The MatchPlay Final venue for 2020 at a venue announced at a later date.The event will be Televised.
    11. Changes in the format for the televised finals 2020.                     The format will be shortened for the finals in 2020. This will enable us to create a more exciting finals and keep all those who progress fresher for the rounds that follow. Handicap differences will remain the same .
    12. Do I need a caddy for The Irish Open MatchPlay?
      You do not require a caddy for the preliminary rounds of the MatchPlay. Should you qualify for the Grand Finals caddies are advisable.
    13. How do I qualify for the Irish Open MatchPlay Final?
      By winning each of your rounds, winner stays on!
    14. Can I use a GPS measuring device?
      Measuring devices such as GPS are allowed unless there is a local rule in place banning them. Measuring devices are allowed in the MatchPlay Final,
    15. How do I join the Members Area?
      The members area is for contestants only. The members area is a place where members can meet up and connect it’s a great place where you can meet other members, upload photos, join a discussion and talk about what interests YOU!
    16. What happens if my contact details change?
      It’s up to YOU to keep your details up to date. Please check your details are up to date periodically by signing in to your account and choosing edit my details/update my info.All entrants must supply a valid mobile number so we can contact you if necessary.
    17. I do not hold a GUI handicap can I still enter?
      Only GUI affiliated club handicaps are accepted .A minimum of 5 qualifying competitions from your club is required in order to qualify for the televised finals.
    18. I do not live in Ireland and do not have a GUI handicap what can I do?
      Please contact us directly via our online contact form and mark it MATCHPLAY HANDICAP QUERY
    19. What would happen if I do not have a handicap or a valid handicap at registration for the Match Play Final?
      You will not be able to play on the day and will be refused entry and forfeit your entry.
    20. Can I bring friends and family along?
      Please do! Bring family, friends, the more the merrier that can share in your experience,the better.
    21. Is the The Irish Open MatchPlay a televised event?
      The Grand Final of the Match Play will be televised. The earlier rounds will not be televised.
    22. Is the event open to women?
      YES  , which will include mixed pairs in the Fourball competition. Mens course and indexes are the course for all matches played .

If you have a query that is not addressed in above FAQs, please contact us via our online enquiry form, thank you.

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